Scoreboard Sort option: KPM (kills per minute)

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Scoreboard Sort option: KPM (kills per minute)

Post by tainn »

Currently, there are a few Scoreboard Sort options, accessible from the in-game GUI Settings tab.

The default is [Score], which favors players who have been playing a longer session and have managed to grab a mass of points that is usually not quickly obtainable. This can be slightly discouraging to some players, if their wish is to at least contest for the spot. A wonderful alternative is the second option, named [Normalized Score]. While normalization is great, it leads to a more defensive approach; it leads to picking fights you know you can win and therefore maximizing the kill/death ratio.

But what if I wanted the exact opposite?

I want a sorting option which emphasizes dynamic, offensive type of gameplay. One of the possiblities to bring that forth would be at add a [KPM] (kills per minute) option, completely disregarding the deaths aspect. Go in hard, if it means netting kills. Surely enough, this is also the fastest way to reach the top spot on the [Score] option on the majority of FFA maps. "Don't try not to die, just try to take down as many along the way, as fast as possible." Exchanging 2 kills for 1 death is good, if it's fast.

The specifics on when the time counts could be whichever, either the duration at which the player is actually spawned, or also all the pause/idle/unspawned states, so since their session started. The sampling could also be whichever, either active, or lazy 1-minute pulls and diffs with the previous kill count, as well as the average being calculated with the previous singular 1-minute kill counts. As a result, the [KPM] count would be less and less volatile as the player's session prolongs. Which is also fine.
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Re: Scoreboard Sort option: KPM (kills per minute)

Post by Zehra »

On small, fast-paced maps, this would be a really interesting option, especially with quick/instant spawns.

1 minute polling options for scores would be easiest to do as a plug-in, and it would work right away with players who choose [score] for his or her settings.

Taking into account active/idle/paused/unpaused states would be interesting, not to mention if specific flags are included on per-player or per-overall flags and players... (Example: [player] Laser : 3 KPM, Guided Missile : 5 KPM, Genocide : 20 KPM...etc or [player1] GM : 5 KPM, [player3] L : 7 KPM.)

Perhaps something similar for CTF and capping could be worked out at a later time too.

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