New slots opening for Public-Private Plug-ins

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New slots opening for Public-Private Plug-ins

Post by Zehra »

I'm announcing the opening of several slots which are available via reply/public request for hosting/usage rights of several new private plug-ins in the coming months.

Examples of my own works: GrabToCap, SuddenDeathCTF, PointsHTF, PointsCTF...etc
Examples of recreations from scratch of existing ideas: Progressive Flag Mode, CaptureTheBase
Examples of updated versions: Humans vs Zombies

Several examples of works which are available for advanced request:
* Pak-Tank - (PacMan like game using Rabbit Hunt mode)
* BZFlag Tetris - (Yes, play the game in BZFlag.)
* BZFlag Battleship - (Ultimate version with various tanks to knock out.)
* BZFlag Monopoly - (Play a game to win it big on BZFlag.)
* BZFlag Tower Defense I
* BZFlag Tower Defense II
* Comet Busters (BZFlag edition)
* Dig Dug (Has various technical issues at the moment, may be possibly resolved.)

Examples of already reserved works:
* Q*bert
* Control Points (Domination)
* Control Points (Hardpoint)

Later, more new game modes and ideas will be added. (Keep in mind, only *nix servers can host the full fledged game modes.)

If there is any questions, feel free to ask about it.

Keep in mind, the slots are limited, so reserve yours today!

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