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Old Accounts

Post by torrent1099 »

Hey there!
I have a bit of a weird situation here. I used to play this game a lot under the callsign "Torrentor" and was a part of team forest force. Pretty sure I was even admin on a bunch of different servers too. Alas I cannot get into the email that is connected to that BZFlag account. so I am assuming that that account is just dead.... :( Unless there is away for someone to see what email that account was connected to..
That said, this account was my younger brothers account that he used my other email address for. When I joined an official server I was not able to talk. I seem to remember that I would have to be added to some sort of list to be able to do chat on official servers.
Can anyone shed any light on either of these "situations?"
Thanks in advance! :)
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Re: Old Accounts

Post by Zehra »

Welcome back to BZFlag.

If you know the email of the account, you can try contacting blast by private message on the forums.

For your last two questions: Global groups are used. Global groups can be used to manage permissions, such as admins, cops, server operators and similar, such as chat and spawn permissions for league servers.

Currently leaguesunited.org is where you'd need to visit and private message one of the council members to be added to the spawn group. They may be found under the Admins section of the website.

If you need any help, feel free to private message me any time. (I can answer most questions overall.)

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Re: Old Accounts

Post by kierra »


I am captain of [ForestForce]….let’s discuss your issue using forums pms.

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