Tag Game Template - Try to expand into a full fledged game mode

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Tag Game Template - Try to expand into a full fledged game mode

Post by Zehra »

A from scratch implementation of "Tag! your it!!!" plug-in.

This plug-in and code is granted under the terms of CC0-1.0 license.

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// tagGame.cpp

#include "bzfsAPI.h"

class tagGame : public bz_Plugin
  virtual const char* Name(){return "TagGame[0.0.1]";}

  virtual void Init (const char* commandLine) {
    bz_debugMessage(4,"TagGame loaded");

  virtual void Event(bz_EventData *eventData ){
    if (eventData->eventType == bz_ePlayerDieEvent) {
        bz_PlayerDieEventData_V1* data = (bz_PlayerDieEventData_V1*)eventData;
        if ((data->playerID != data->killerID) && (data->killerID != BZ_SERVER)) {
          bz_sendTextMessage(BZ_SERVER,data->playerID,"TAG: You're it!");
          bz_sendTextMessage(BZ_SERVER,data->killerID,"TAG: You're not it anymore!");
    } else if (eventData->eventType ==  bz_ePlayerSpawnEvent) {
          bz_PlayerSpawnEventData_V1* data = (bz_PlayerSpawnEventData_V1*)eventData;
    } else {

  virtual void Cleanup (void) {
    bz_debugMessage(4,"TagGame unloaded");


This done within 40 lines of code and creates a very simple game mode. It can be extended or adapted into a minimalist version of Zombies, HumansVsZombies or even Rabbit Hunt/Chase.

Or even simply switch the death event to allowCap, check if it is a proper cap, deny the cap, reset the team flag, modify team(s) scores and play audio for flag capture. The result is a version of CTF without players dying on cap. (And you just need to remove the flag give on spawning.)

I hope to see some inspired to try to extend or modify this, as this basic form can be easily adapted to mostly any game mode.

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