Handling PZ at Apoc

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Handling PZ at Apoc

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Disclaimer: I mostly play at apoc because there's really nowhere else to play CTF ... meh. But there's good admins and good ownership there.

A stream of conscience about PZ flag:

Avoid going after hard to hit tanks with these flags:

Narrow, Tiny

Avoid because they can kill you:


Everyone else, go harrass and kill:


Laser, Rapid (these two are almost all powerful flags and have little defense against you), GM, geno

Harrass and/or Kill:

Everything else not mentioned above.

How to kill with PZ:

Get face 2 face with the enemy tank. Make sure they are engaged in small shooting with you (they do this as a deterrent in most cases) and then give them a good macro (as Colonel and his many incarnations/alters call it) fire. 7/10 times you will kill them without getting killed but as always ... WORTH (especially if they're toting G).
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