[Howto][Guide] Compiling BZFlag in Void Linux

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[Howto][Guide] Compiling BZFlag in Void Linux

Post by Zehra »

First post of the year: Compiling BZFlag on Void Linux

Update/Edit: See blast's post for more correct/detailed info.

Here's all the stuff you'll need if you don't have it (for 2.4.26):
Update/Edit: Corrected c-ares-utils to c-ares-devel

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sudo xbps-install automake
sudo xbps-install autoconf
sudo xbps-install libtool
sudo xbps-install gcc
sudo xbps-install make
sudo xbps-install c-ares-devel
sudo xbps-install libcurl-devel
sudo xbps-install SDL2-devel
sudo xbps-install glew-devel
I might have missed something, if so, D.M. me.

The standard commands work okay:

Code: Select all

You'll need 2.5.x the following:

Code: Select all

sudo xbps-install glm
sudo xbps-install cglm
sudo xbps-install libpng-devel
(I believe you can omit cglm, but I am not certain.)
Update/Edit: cglm isn't needed.

Hope this helps!

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Re: [Howto][Guide] Compiling BZFlag in Void Linux

Post by blast »

Do note that they already have a binary package installed, so you don't need to compile it yourself. You could just run "sudo xbps-install bzflag" and you'd have the client and server. Their official list of build dependencies for 2.4.26 is: SDL2-devel c-ares-devel glew-devel libcurl-devel ncurses-devel zlib-devel. So c-ares-utils should actually be c-ares-devel. And yes, 2.5 doesn't use cglm. We use glm, which is for C++.

I'd also imagine you can pass multiple package names to xbps-install instead of having to run the command a dozen times.
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