The forums and the game client have different username requirements.

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The forums and the game client have different username requirements.

Post by cidentan50 »

Unregistered guest players are subject only to the username requirements of the BZFlag software.
Registered players are subject to the username requirements of both the BZFlag software and the phpBB configuration of the BZFlag forums.

For example, I usually play as Tangerine Boogie Armada, which is 23 characters long. A fun name that works as a guest, but it can't be registered.

Please update either the forum configuration or the BZFlag software so that players have the same username requirements, regardless of registration status. Thank you. :)

BZFlag forum:
  • between 2 characters and 20 characters
  • alphanumeric, space or -+_[] characters
BZFlag game client
  • between 2 and 31 characters
  • no trailing, leading, or consecutive spaces
  • must not start with +, @, or #.
  • no single or double quotes
  • no non-printable characters
  • no invalid whitespace (tab, etc.)
  • mostly alphanumeric
See source code files: bzflag/src/game/PlayerInfo.cxx, include/messages.h, and include/global.h
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Re: The forums and the game client have different username requirements.

Post by Zehra »

Somewhat related:

There is a long term goal for overhauling the authentication system as a whole, if I remember correctly.

It would be less confusing for newcomers, as there would not be the tying of registering to a forum and the authentication of users in game.

Players wouldn't be subject to forum limitations for registering.(IIRC and AFAIK).

For now, this gives me an idea for a plug-in:

Code: Select all

If ((CallsignIsNotVerified) and (CallsignDoesNotFailAuthentication))
  If (CheckIfCallsignMatchesForumRequirements(callsign))
    SendMessage("This callsign may be registered on the BZBB");
    SendMessagef("%s can't be registered for the following:", callsign);
It may may make it slightly more intuitive for new players.

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