vampire flag

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vampire flag

Post by mylgas »

this flag should work like thief, short range beam (so the "vampire" should get close to his victim),
maybe with a slightly longer reloading time. killing someone would give the "vampire" a extra life (like a shield flag).
so if a tank carring the vampire flag would have killed lets say 5 tanks (while carring the vampire flag), it would take 6
(5 hits for the kills he has and 1 for its own "life") hits to kill it.
if someone would steal the vampire flag from the tank, it would again be destroyable with 1 hit.
oh and the "vampire" could be destroyable with only 1 hit from the laser (eat that sunbeam you bastard! :P).
sorry if someone already has had this idea.
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Post by Scorch »

LOL nice idea! but NO not like theif lets make it more like machine gun but with LONGER reload time eh? i think this is a great idea but it might get out of control if a good player has it unow? max 5 lives mabye?
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Post by sid6.7 »

1. you guys are very very demented... :)

2. this is similar to the shield flag idea we
had where your server would make the shield flag
take a number of "hits" based on server shots allowed
before dying...IE server is a 5 shot server you die
after taking 5 hits...

it got thrown out by tim riker and other dev's
i think...

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Post by JeffM »

Tim has specificly vetoed a multi hit shield flag, this would fall into his same reasoning. It should not be confusing how many shots it takes to kill somone.

With shield, if you hit em, the flag pops and you know one more will do it.

It would mask death cheating as well. Since there would be valid times to not die when being hit.
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Post by oblomov »

A vampire flag could work as a thief flag+kill (steals flag and kills opponent) or a thief+shield. The vampire would die not only if he gets hit by laser (no shield effect: player simply blows up), but also if he sees a laser shot (is this codable?), in which case he'd just lose the vampire flag.
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