Dutchrai's 25 Map Pack

User made maps to use on servers.
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Dutchrai's 25 Map Pack

Post by Dutchrai » Mon May 22, 2006 3:41 pm

Just to get stuff in order a bit, I added all my maps so far (from 2001 to 2006) to one pack. Counted them, 25 of them now (woot).
Dutchrai's 25 Map Pack
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Post by Dutchrai » Tue May 23, 2006 1:28 am

Here's a full content list:

Battleram City (2004-12-22)
CTF for four set in medievil times. A stronghold
situated in the middle of a sea. Bridges. Islands. Do I
smell a battle in the air?

CTF Overlord (2002-11-21)
Popular Red vs Green CTF map.

CTF Quadlord (2004-12-25)
This 4-team "CTF Quadlord" is a mod of the 2-team CTF
Overlord. The base complex itself had to be scaled down
20% to make room for the additional Blue and Purple
teams, and were slightly altered too. Go smoke'em.

Deep Core (2002-09-08 )
Superstructures and complexes. A strange place for tanks.

FFA Overlord (2002-11-25)
FFA version of the CTF Overlord map, great fun too!

Gate Five (2003-01-02)
Lots of 45 degree angled structures and 5 gates of course.

Hop Hop (2005-01-12)
A map for rabbits, so go chase'm Elmer Fudd!

King of the Castle (2004-11-24)
Inspired by the classic Ducati map, "Mad City".

MegaDome (2002-11-30)
Mega in every way. Dangerous ricochets too! Great for GM
vs ST.

Monster Lab (2002-11-06)
The second map in the 'lab' series. It's more complex
than Rat Lab, so be prepared.

Necromancer (2004-12-02)
There are two world weapons active, so watch your steps:
One is a timebomb, which will explode every 5 minutes,
and is placed on top of the castle. Every detonation is
preceded by a 5 second warning shot, fired from all 4
corners of the castle. Don't you just love fireworks?
The second is a walking bullet, fires every minute, of
which I will tell no more. Needless to say; if you
don't find it, it will find you. Wicked.
There are other secrets to discover, but they would
hardly be secrets if I would start raving about them.

Pac-Man (2002-09-25)
Remember the good old Atari 2600 days? Well, if you're
30 or over you should. Anyway, here's the Pac-Man
game in a BZFlag World re-incarnation. It's one big
maze with only 2 teleporters...just like the original.

Pitfalls (2004-12-11)
Watch your steps here. Two main levels, underground and
above. Should have called this Heaven and Hell.

Queen of the Castle (2004-11-24)
All kings need a queen...

Rat Lab (2002-10-04)
Nutz, strategic, balanced, fun to play and an extreme skill
tester all in one!

Rat Lab Reloaded (2004-11-24)
Remember the original Rat Lab from 2002?
It's back! Basically it's the same good old skill
tester, but with a couple of new surprises. It's been
tuned. Minor improvements, new
additions...common...what are you waiting for? Master it!

Reality Disfunction (2002-09-16)
A well-balanced map for some good tactical gameplay.
Contains a couple of platforms on different elevations
and uses original architecture. Give it a shot!

Ring of Fire (2004-11-23)
Red vs Green CTF map, but no rings or fires. Hey...a map needs a title.

Stonehenge (2002-09-19)
Accurately modelled after the real thing in England.

Super Bowl (2004-12-29)
Play low or on the roof, but there is no escaping the
action. Ricochet masters got the edge in here. Best
served with 4 double speed shots and no flags.

The Abyss (2005-01-08 )
Time to take out your rusty scuba gear.
And use your eyes well, not forgetting to watch the
skies when you're not diving. Afterall, the local
weather forecast warned for a dangerous meteor shower
in your area today.

The Punisher (2006-05-22)
Red vs Green CTF for infiltrators. Some similarities
with CTF-Overlord exist, which is not a bad thing...
This one's great if you're the type that likes to sneak
around at bases, but there is also the large open field
in the center of the map.

Total Recall (2004-12-22)
Remember the movie? Always wished your were
Schwarzenegger? Why not pay a visit to Total Recall and
have your memories altered! A dangerous CTF game for
four teams.

Trenches and Bridges (2004-12-16)
You'll simply love this one :-) A LAN party favorite.

Wild East Wild West (2004-11-23)
Red vs Green CTF map, follow-up to CTF-Overlord.
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Post by Legolas_ » Wed Jun 07, 2006 3:56 pm

Good job Dutchrai

Here is a site with all his maps aswell:

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