DownloadAccess.txt and a monkey hitting keys??

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DownloadAccess.txt and a monkey hitting keys??

Post by flight »

my bzfs started the server, however in the BZFS in terminal it says
"< server: a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time on this"

i'll stop there

it seems that some of the materials are also not loading. they are photobucket pictures. now i know i would have to change something in my DownloadAccess.txt but i searched it and apparently this won't really help because it's only going to allow ME to see the photobucket pictures. nobody else unless they also change this. is there any way i can get the photobucket pictures to work with out having to upload them to a bz server.

also if i did change my DownloadAccess.txt how would i do it? i would assume i would put the whole URL of the exact image in not just the URL to photobucket in general?
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Post by meeba »

First, I recommend this:

Second, if you follow step 1, you won't need to edit your DownloadAccess.txt.
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Post by Tedius »

The monkey thing is a result of enabling full debugging in your configuration. In your config file find the line that says -dddd and change it to one or two d's instead. It is an accurate description of the text garble that is spewed when it is enabled:
Who would have thought such a Douglas-Adamsesque concept would be so useful?

Once you find the DownloadAccess.txt file, at the bottom you can comment out the deny * line as such:

Code: Select all

#deny *
This will enable all images on the internet to be used as a texture, but only only on your client.
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