Tower of BZ #2

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Tower of BZ #2

Post by Spazzy McGee »

This is a continuation of what DW has started

This is prioritizing 2.x featured maps.

All the same rules apply, except for the extra rule on referencing. (heh, sorry for cannibalizing the previous post)

You are allowed to build in the direct middle of the map with a 100x100x45 span. The next person in the chain has the exact same building span, however, he is fifty units higher. The idea is to make a tower with different floors that mappers customize.

Basic Guidelines:

-Teleporters are allowed, but do not add any links as of right now. One teleporter is absolutely necessary (two preferred) to get from one level to the next (or back to the previous floor), so you are required to have one, somewhere near the middle of your tower floor preferably. When you post your level of the tower you may say how you want your teleporters to operate and I will gladly link them when I compile the different levels in to one map file.

-Only one floor per person.

-First come first served.

-No levels that require specific variable changes, for those may alter how other levels are able to be played. No spawn zones or flag zones either.

-World Weapons are allowed, as long as they do not change how another floor is used.

Extra Guidelines for 2.x referencing (IMPORTANT).

For anything that requires the naming and referencing of other objects, that is to say materials, texmats, physics, dyncol, group defs, and teleporters, prefix the name with your callsign (i.e. I might have a material called "spazzy-bricks"). If we all do this, we shouldn't find any problems.

When using meshes, if you know how to use inside points, please add them. This might alleviate problems down the line.

Stay within your boundaries, and make a very interesting mini-world, while keeping the others you are working with in mind. Any questions? Feel free to post them. It doesn't have to be symmetrical!

I'm doing the bottom floor, so build the next at 50 units up.

Oh, and you might want to keep an eye out for what the current height of the tower is, so you build your section at the right height!

edit: can you please note if you have textures pending moderation.
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Post by CUPCAKE »

For these floors, do we just make absolutley anything (within 100x100x45) with 2.x? I might give it a try...

EDIT: here is the floor that I made, using only 2.x objects on the inside. Its a bit simple, but the idea is that some of the boxes stick you to the ground while others don't. I put only one teleporter, in the middle, so I guess the point is that one side goes up and the other down.
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