CruelMania fansite

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CruelMania fansite

Post by Durf »

know all them CruelMania servers?
well heres the website for em.

we got games included along with a not-so-great screenshots gallery(to be updated), and a chat room, also a news page regarding bzflag news, cruelmania news and other news.
this website features a cop-test; see if you have what it takes to become a cop on the CruelMania servers(easy as pie).
CruelMania is a nice little community growing bigger every day.
everyone's invited to be a part of it.
we are also offering free hosting of servers(there are some conditions to agree to)
so come one and all and join the ever growing CruelMania!
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Post by slon02 »

Just so you all know, this site will be locked in 3 days.
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Re: CruelMania fansite

Post by Cruel dog »

CruelMania is a no longer, please discontinue view of this post, or a moderator please delete it. Thank you.
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