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Re: Default settings enhancement

Post by click click boom »

#set allowInputChange 1
set alwaysShowTeamScores 0
#set animatedTreads 1
set aniso 2
#set baseTopTexture basetop
#set baseWallTexture basewall
set blend 1
#set blueTeamPrefix blue_
#set bluecolor "0.1 0.2 1"
set blueradar "0 0 1"
#set boltTexture bolt
#set boxTopTexture roof
#set boxWallHighResTexRepeat 5.0
#set boxWallTexRepeat 1.5
#set boxWallTexture boxwall
set callsign "click click boom"
#set cautionTexture caution
set coloredradarshots 0
#set colorful 1
set config_version 5
#set consoleFont DejaVuSansMonoBold
set cpanelfontsize 2
set deathEffect 0
set displayFlagHelp 0
set displayLabels 0
#set displayReloadTimer 1
set displayScore 0
set dither 0
#set doDownloads 1
#set enableLocalShotEffect 0
set enableLocalSpawnEffect 0
#set f2bsort 1
set flagChunks 8
#set flagLists 0
#set fogEffect 1
#set followDist 32.0
#set followHeight 8.0
#set followOffsetZ 1.0
#set followSpeedX 2.5
#set followSpeedY 1.0
#set followSpeedZ 1.0
set fpsLimit 35
set gamma 0.870551
set gmPuffEffect 0
#set gmPuffTime 1/8
#set greenTeamPrefix green_
#set greencolor "0 1 0"
#set greenradar "0.2 0.9 0.2"
#set groundHighResTexRepeat 0.05
#set groundTexRepeat 0.1
#set hideMottos 0
#set highlightPattern ""
#set httpTimeout 15
#set hudGUIBorderOpacityFactor 0.75
#set hudWayPMarkerSize 15
#set hunterTeamPrefix hunter_
#set huntercolor "1 0.5 0"
#set hunterradar "1 0.5 0"
#set jumpTyping 1
#set killerhighlight 1
set landEffect 0
#set laserTexture laser
#set latitude 37.5
set leadingShotLine 1
#set lightLists 0
set lighting 0
set linedradarshots 23
#set list
#set listFilter ""
#set listFilter1 "/p>0,# Servers with players"
#set listFilter2 "/p>0/op>0,# Servers with players or observers"
#set listFilter3 "/p>0,s>=2,s<=3,# 2 or 3 shots with players"
#set listFilter4 "/p>0,+rabbit,# Rabbit chase with players"
#set listFilter5 "/-j,+r,s=2,+ctf,vt=2, # ducati-style servers"
#set listFilter6 "/d]louman|ahs3|spazzy|jefenry, # fancy maps"
#set listFilter7 "/vt=2,mp=2,# 1vs1 servers"
#set listFilter8 "/d)*official*league*match*,# League match servers"
#set listFilter9 "/+replay,# Replay servers"
#set listIcons 1
#set lodScale 1.0
#set longitude 122
#set maxCacheMB 32
#set maxScoreboardLines 0
#set maxTextureSize 1024
#set meshLists 1
set moonSegments 12
#set motdServer
#set motto ""
#set mottoDispLen 32
#set mouseClamp 0
set mouseboxsize 3
set mousegrab 1
#set noMeshClusters 0
#set observerTeamPrefix observer_
#set observercolor "1 1 1"
#set observerradar "1 1 1"
set panelheight 26
set panelopacity 0.300000
set password passclick
#set pauseConsole 1
set port 4202
#set pulseDepth 0.4
#set pulseRate 1.0
#set purpleTeamPrefix purple_
#set purplecolor "1 0 1"
#set purpleradar "1 0.4 1"
#set pyrWallHighResTexRepeat 8.0
#set pyrWallTexRepeat 3.0
#set pyrWallTexture pyrwall
set quality low
#set rabbitTeamPrefix rabbit_
#set rabbitcolor "0.8 0.8 0.8"
#set rabbitradar "1 1 1"
#set radarLodScale 1.0
#set radarPosition 0
#set radarStyle 3
#set radarTankPixels 2.0
set radaropacity 0.300000
set radarsize 30
#set redTeamPrefix red_
#set redcolor "1 0 0"
#set redradar "1 0.15 0.15"
set remapTexCoords 0
#set remoteSounds 1
set resolution "1920x1080 @60Hz 32 bits"
set ricoEffect 0
#set roamSmoothTime 0.5
#set roamView fps
#set rogueTeamPrefix rogue_
#set roguecolor "1 1 0"
#set rogueradar "1 1 0"
#set sansSerifFont DejaVuSansCondensedBold
set saveEnergy 1
#set saveIdentity 2
#set saveSettings 1
#set scoreboardSort 0
set scorefontsize 2
#set scrollPages 20
set server
#set serverCacheAge 0
#set shadowAlpha 0.5
set shadows 0
#set shotBrightness 0.2
set shotEffect 0
set shotLength 10
#set showCollisionGrid 0
#set showCoordinates 0
#set showCullingGrid 0
#set showTreads 0
set showVelocities 1
#set showtabs 2
#set sizedradarshots 0
set smooth 1
set spawnEffect 0
set startcode bfaaaaaabaaaa
#set stdGroundTexture std_ground
#set stencilShadows 0
#set superPrefix super_
#set tankTexture tank
set team Automatic
set tesselation 0
set texture linearmipmaplinear
#set timedate 0
#set tkwarnratio 0.0
set tpEffect 0
set trackMarkCulling 0
#set treadStyle 1
#set udpnet 1
#set underlineColor cyan
#set updateDownloads 0
#set useDrawInfo 1
set useFancyEffects 0
#set useMeshForRadar 0
set useQuality 0
set useVelOnShotEffects 0
set userMirror 0
set userRainScale 0.000000
set userTrackFade 0.000000
set volume 2
#set waterTexture water
set wireframe 0
set worldCacheLimit 10485760
#set zbuffer 1
#set zoneGroundTexture zone_ground
bind Pause down pause
bind End down "scrollpanel bottom"
bind "Left Arrow" down "turn left"
bind "Right Arrow" down "turn right"
bind "Up Arrow" down "drive forward"
bind "Down Arrow" down "drive reverse"
bind "Page Up" down "scrollpanel up_page"
bind "Page Down" down "scrollpanel down_page"
bind Delete down destruct
bind F1 down fullscreen
bind Shift+F1 down "messagepanel all"
bind Shift+F2 down "messagepanel chat"
bind Shift+F3 down "messagepanel server"
bind F4 down iconify
bind Shift+F4 down "messagepanel misc"
bind F5 down screenshot
bind F6 down "roam cycle subject backward"
bind F7 down "roam cycle subject forward"
bind F8 down "roam cycle type forward"
bind F9 down "roam zoom in"
bind F10 down "roam zoom out"
bind F11 down "roam zoom normal"
bind F12 down quit
bind "Left Mouse" down fire
bind "Middle Mouse" down drop
bind "Right Mouse" down identify
bind "Wheel Up" down fire
bind "Shift+Wheel Up" down "radarZoom in"
bind "Ctrl+Wheel Up" down "viewZoom in"
bind "Wheel Down" down "scrollpanel down 3"
bind "Shift+Wheel Down" down "radarZoom out"
bind "Ctrl+Wheel Down" down "viewZoom out"
bind Tab down jump
bind Space down drop
bind , down "send nemesis"
bind - down "time backward"
bind . down "send recipient"
bind 1 down fire
bind 2 down fire
bind 3 down fire
bind 4 down "radarZoom in"
bind 5 down "radarZoom out"
bind 6 down "set displayRadarRange 0.12"
bind 7 down addhunt
bind 9 down autopilot
bind = down "time forward"
bind A down "toggle slowKeyboard"
bind B down "viewZoom toggle"
bind F down "toggle displayFlagHelp"
bind H down "toggleFlags radar"
bind I down identify
bind J down "toggleFlags main"
bind K down silence
bind L down "toggle displayLabels"
bind M down "send team"
bind N down "send all"
bind O down servercommand
bind P down pause
bind Q down toggleRadar
bind S down "toggle displayScore"
bind U down hunt
bind W down toggleConsole
bind Z down "send admin"
bind "Left Arrow" up "turn left"
bind "Right Arrow" up "turn right"
bind "Up Arrow" up "drive forward"
bind "Down Arrow" up "drive reverse"
bind F9 up "roam zoom in"
bind F10 up "roam zoom out"
bind F11 up "roam zoom normal"
bind "Right Mouse" up restart
bind "Wheel Up" up fire
bind Tab up jump
bind 1 up fire
bind I up restart
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Re: Default settings enhancement

Post by smchaha »

For key bindings... I would argue for the following defaults.

w, e, r -> fire
q -> identify
c -> toggleConsole

These options are good because they keep your hand localized to the upper left area of your keyboard during game play. Q is right next to the shot keys for easy identification AND gm lock on. The three shot keys allow easy trippples (or other shots) with a continuous wave of the fingers. The existing map for tab -> jump should be just to the left for quick reflexes and the three zoom levels remain accessible just a row above. Also, I think it's useful to have c for Console, which is easy to remember. The only thing this displaces and doesn't account for is the current q to toggle radar. I don't have a key mapped for it but that hasn't been a problem for me. Assuming the default opacity on the radar is set reasonably, maybe we don't even need a radar toggle set in the default key mapping?
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Re: Default settings enhancement

Post by timtak »

I am interested in configuring BZFlag and, after about 30 minutes or more of searching, I find that it is highly configurable.
This is the explanation of the configuration file
It is a text file.

It took me ages to find the configuration file. This is the way to find the current file.

windows key + r then copy/paste %LOCALAPPDATA%\BZFlag

It is a text file and I guess one needs to search for each of the settings on these forums.
Neither the wiki (URL linked above) nor the file itself explain what all the settings mean.

I have not done it yet but I think that it will be possible to assign keys to change config file settings, possibly in real time.

I wish I could record the key-presses of players (for an experiment) but I can use separate software for that.
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