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Real CTF

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CTF has had many versions/modifications and variations made: ArenaCTF requires where your team flag is safe in order to capture. AcceleratedCTF prevents moving your own team flags to accelerate the game. Capture the Base is reaching a base point to capture the flag.

We have not yet had a version of CTF which fits within the middle ground of both ends.


Q: How is this going to be different?:

A: Opposing team flags power you up, kills can bring your flag to safety, dropping the team flag is more strategic.


So how does this play out?

  • Reds vs Greens, Green player has Red flag and now Green player has the ability to geno the Red team.
  • Red player kills Green player holding Red flag, Red flag now returns to base.
  • Green player drops Red flag, but Green team cannot pick up Red flag for 5 seconds.
  • Green player drops Red flag, but now Red flag returns to last drop/pickup point.(Or x units closer to its own base.)

Originally, it would be where kills would move the team flag closer to the player or base. (We can't safely figure out where objects are via the API without zones, which defeats some promising options.)

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