Web-based Internet Relay Chat (IRC) services restored

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Web-based Internet Relay Chat (IRC) services restored

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The web-based CGI:IRC interface to the #bzflag and other various IRC channels on the Freenode network as been restored and is now accessible at http://my.bzflag.org/irc/ or via the "Chat Room" link at the top of the forum menu.

The interface was suspended due to a security vulnerability that was contained in the previous version of CGI:IRC, but now we're upgraded to a patched version that has no known security issues.

As always, the web-based chat interface is only provided for temporary access to IRC. People that wish to interact for extended periods of time on any of the BZFlag chat channels are strongly encouraged to obtain and use a real IRC client. See http://irchelp.org for more details on using IRC, see http://www.ircreviews.org/clients/ for a comprehensive list of available "real"clients for all operating systems.

Some basic IRC etiquette rules:
  • Questions in the channel should be specific, informative, complete, concise, and on-topic.

    If all you say is a greeting (e.g. just "hi" or "hello"), then don't expect a response. Someone is *always* there and listening. Say what you intended to say after the greeting instead. That is, get to the point. If you don't have a point to discuss, go to #bzchat instead of #bzflag.

    If you are joining to ask a question, please do not ask if you can ask a question. Just ask the actual question. Again, get to the point. Can't say this enough.

    If you are looking for someone to ask them a question, don't ask if they are there. Just ask the question and wait or message them in private. Again, don't ask if a person is there, just ask what you intended to ask them.

    Better questions will get you better answers. Questions not thought out will likely not give you a response you'll like. See also http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

    Remember that everyone in the IRC channel is there voluntarily.

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